Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Buy Schwinn Protocol 2.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels, Copper/Black)

Schwinn Protocol 2.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels, Copper/Black)

Product Description
Cruise over a rock field or bunny-hop a log on the Schwinn(r) Protocol 2.0 26" men's mountain bike. This aluminum ride features a full-suspension frame with a forgiving steel rear triangle. A front disc brake offers stopping power where you need it the most, and 24 speeds with Shimano(r) EF-50 trigger shifters give you the incremental power and control you need for all terrain.

  • Schwinn Aluminum Dual Suspension Frame w. Steel Rear
  • Shimano Acera 24-spd w. Shimano EF-50 Shifters
  • Pro Max Front Disc Brake and RST Capa T8 Suspension Fork
  • MTB Handlebar w/ Schwinn 4 Bolt A-Head Stem
  • Alloy High Profile Rims w/ Black Bladed Spokes

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Great looking Schwinn, can't beat the price!
I simply bought this bike to get off the couch.

My son has an expensive mountain bike, but I didn't

want to pay as much as he did.

I've used Schwinn products in the past and felt comfortable.

Altho Schwinn is made in china its still a great looking bike.

I replaced the seat and am looking to change

the handle bars as well for my comfort.

I recomend this bike, I went for price per pound no tax and

free shipping and am well satisfied.

AWESOME - Schwinn Protocol 2.0
This bike is awesome. Pretty easy to assemble if you're somewhat of a hands-on person. Very comfortable, sleek design and very affordable discounted price through amazon dealers. I saved about $100.00 off retail.

Nice bike poor freewheel
This is nice bike, with a poor freewheel, after a week using this bike the freewheel lose a lot of teeth, and there are no other good, like shimano, freewheel 8 speed components, only for 7 speed in screw on. This bike is perfect if you take this part off.

Esta es una excelente bicicleta con un pesimo pinon libre, despues de usar la bicicleta, en condiciones normales, no montanas, varios dientes del pinon se rompieron. El problema es que para reemplazar las 8 velocidades debes optar por un Shimano de 7 velocidades o un sunrace de 8 pero que es hecho en taiwan o decidirte a cambiar el sistema completo por pinones de cassette en lugar de los enroscables.

Una excelente bicicleta si no fuera por ese componente mediocre.

Great looking bike. Decent componants for the price.
To start out, I got the bike on Christmas day. I set it up, (put together patially wrong) Took the kids ot for a ride and noticed that the chain kept popping when I peddled somewhat aggesively. Almost had a good crash due to this popping of the chain. Got almost home and noticed about 12 different teeth on the sprockets had broken off! 2 hours in! So far the rest seems pretty nice though. I found out that they use old Shimano toolings from the 70s. It is made by a Chinese company (Very poorly) I am no bike mechanic, and im a big guy (225 lbs) May be a good call for a lighter rider.

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